New to Kombucha???

Learn some must-know facts on Kombucha

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During fermentation, sugar gets consumed with time and very little is left in the bottled kombucha. However, the left-over sugar in Kombucha is not harmful. It is predigested sugar, broken down by the action of enzymes; thus, have a low glycemic effect on the body.
Kombucha is a living beverage, so the by-product of fermentation floating pellicle and yeast strands) appears in the drink. They are friendly and nutritious, consume them or filter out if you like your drink clear. Best to enjoy it unfiltered!
No, if you heat kombucha then live bacteria and yeast will die, killing the probiotic effect of this wonder drink. If you don’t prefer it cold, then consume it at room temperature.

In naturally fermented Kombucha, a trace amount of alcohol is unavoidable.As the sugared tea infusion is fermented using a mother SCOBY; with time, the yeast eats away the sugar and converts it into ethanol. KueZo has standardized fermentation process and maintains the alcohol less than 0.5% ABV.

However, the fact is that this low-level of alcohol is healthy and serve dual functions: it extracts the healing constituents from the herbs, tea leaves and other ingredients and it acts as a preservative.

Kombucha is the most sought-after drink for its energizing properties. Therefore, you can have it empty stomach or with meals. Just anytime is a good time for KueZo Kombucha.